The Greatest of All Time

Posted: March 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

For people of a certain generation March 9th holds a cosmic meaning. As an asset manager its the anniversary of the intraday lows on the DJIA and S&P 500 during the depths of the great recession. Markedly , the DJIA closed at 6,547…(as I am writing we are a hair off 21k) and the S&P closed at 676. Since touching these bottoms the world has changed immeasurably. We have come from the depths and rallied to new all time highs and to this point have not looked back. Yes, March 9 is an important day for those of us who are market observers. Simply put the rally we have seen since those fateful moments may have been the greatest of all time……(at least to this point).

However, March 9th also marks a transcendent day in the world of music and culture, especially for those of us between the ages of 25-40.  On March 9’th 1997 the Notorious B.I.G. was murdered in cold blood. He was shot while sitting in his truck at a the corner of Wilshire Blvd and Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles after being hunted down coming from The Source party. In many ways this event changed the course of hip-hop forever. By 1997 hip-hop was mainstream. Surly you can argue that NWA a decade earlier was the group that brought Hip-Hop from the hood to the burbs but Biggie and Tupac were the catapult that shot it to the moon. The east coast/west coast battle was in full effect and was plastered all over the news. From The Source to Newsday everyone who had a pulse was at least aware of the beef.Still unsolved 20 years later Biggie’s murder still resonates. The debate still rages who was the greatest of all time and Big’s name still tends to dominate the list. His lyrical dexterity, his wit and his street smarts brought Brooklyn alive to the masses. As a child of hip-hop I latched on the Big early and never let go. From spinning Ready to Die and Life After Death to now running his mixtapes and albums daily through spotify I have come of age listening to the words of Big. I can only imagine how much more he could have done had he not been taken from us so soon. Today, the state of hip-hop needs a voice like Big. Between the mumble rappers and the weak verses coming out of Atlanta I would love to hear Big slay these fools on the mic.

Point of the story is that we never know when the end could come. At the time of his murder Big was at the top of his game. Right now as the market is nearing a top just know that at any moment the music can stop. Have a plan and remain diversified my friends. Doing so will make sure your portfolio is separated from the weak and the obsolete..RIP BIG

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