The Revolution will be Securitized

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

After two month’s of indecision,inaction and indifference the City of New York decided it was time to #vacatewallstreet. Quite honestly I have mixed emotions about the city’s actions; on one hand the Z-Spot had become an unwelcome eyesore/earsoar for locals and Wall Streeters alike on the other hand the protestors opened the dialogue for real social change. It has become apparent to me and I am sure to many others of my generation that “We the people” has become “We the descendents of debt “.  As an aspiring 1%’er I find myself conflicted between aggravation and empathy with the movement. As I was once told “If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything” for myself that mindset manifested into  a career as a Financial Advisor. I mean outside of catching for the Yankees there is nothing I would rather be doing. But as I take off my Investment Advisor hat and put on my Generation Y hat I recognize that this movement speaks to exactly what I was taught. This all started with an idea, the momentum generated through Facebook and Twitter made it a topic of conversation and the wherewithal of the originators made into a revolution.  Like it or not the movement is real, the participants are real, the voices are real but most importantly the concerns are real.I agree for too long the middle class has been marginalized. Income inequality is larger now than it has been in hundreds of years. The free market system we were taught to love is not such a free market after all. Capitalized gains and socialized losses have replaced true market competition; moral hazard has nothing to do with church; buzz words like TARP,TALF,QE1 QE2 and QE3 have replaced shit, fuck and damn as curse words; High Frequency Trading has replaced true order flow; dark pools dominate the exchange market; leveraged ETF’S are the new growth mutual funds; student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt; municipalities are failing; the NBA is probably going to cancel the season; Kim Kardashian is divorced after 72 days. There are millions of reasons why many in my generation are disenfranchised. There is no hope in the eyes of many. I see it a tad different however, if the “99%” we able to shift the conversation in a matter of 2 months imagine what they can do in 2 years. It is time now to mobilize and securitize this movement, money talks, it always has and always will if the #OWS movement wants to garner the proper attention they must first change the way they allocate their capital. While books, meals, coats, and tents are nice for those at the Z-Spot they do nothing for the movement at large. Now that you are in the conversation, how do you focus politicians on what you want?  How are you going to get the real “99%” on your side? To many this may seem either too daunting or unrealistic, but it is not, actually all you really have to do is take a look at your surroundings. You all decided to occupy Wall Street, tell me who is better at getting everything they want than Wall Street.

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